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Motorcycle Rider Stories: Kristine

Updated: Jun 9

The stories behind some of our customers' love for motorcycles!

Our motorcycle training school, ACBT London, opened its doors on 1 August 2022. Our plan was to create a customer centric, unique and welcoming training environment for all. Along the way we have met and worked with some incredible people. Some for the first time, others taking their experience further by going on to the big bike or advanced courses. Others just wanted some reassurance and confidence to return to motorcycling after a long hiatus.

Whatever the reason for choosing motorcycles we are proud of our achievements as a school and are extremely proud of what our trainees have achieved on two wheels. We thought we would share those personal motorcycle rider stories to hopefully encourage you to scratch that motorcycling itch. The world is a beautiful place to explore and there's no better way than from the saddle of a motorcycle.

Kristine, who lives in S.E. London, came for a CBT in October 2022, here's her story. In all the years our instructor, joe, has been training people Kristine remains the only person that was actually excited on test day! Take it away, Kristine!

A female motorcyclist on a Honda CBR500R motorcycle
Kristine now rides a Honda CBR500R

"I've been into motorbikes ever since I was a little girl. I always thought they just looked like so much fun! :)

When I was 21 I had the chance to make my dream come true. I went for it and did my CBT licence. This is the course that must be completed in the UK before being allowed to go on the road. I wasted no time in buying my first 125cc geared bike and I absolutely loved it! Back then I knew nothing about safety equipment or bike security and unfortunately my bike got stolen a month later. That broke my heart. I started driving and got stuck in car life for the next 7 years.

When Covid came along it had the effect of changing many things and one of those was traffic. When a 20 minute journey took 2.5 hours and I could see all the bikes filter through the traffic, I just knew I had to get on the bike again. In October 2022 I started researching riding schools and ACBT London was newly established.

They had great reviews and, based in the Blackheath near Greenwich, were very local to me so I booked myself in for a CBT and passed first time :) I bought my new 125cc bike that same day and promised to come back as soon as the DAS courses would be live. I didn't have to wait too long and came back at the end of December to try one of their hour long TABB sessions (Try-a-big-bike) as I had never ridden a big bike. Aside from being overly excited it's safe to say I needed way more practice on how to handle a big motorcycle. With a few helpful tips from Joe I went away and carried on riding my little bike using the techniques I had learned during the session.

Fast forward to May 2023. I felt I was ready to move up so I booked in for another TABB session (awesome value for money and a great indicator to see if you are anywhere near ready for your DAS training). Joe, the ACBT London instructor agreed my riding had improved heaps just after a few months of riding. His recommendation was for two training days, one for Module 1 and one for Module 2, with a test at the end of each. I am very proud to say that I passed them all first time! :)

The team at ACBT got me through my CBT and DAS in just over 7 months and I couldn't recommend them enough. Joe is a phenomenal instructor, very knowledgeable and able to explain and demonstrate things in a way for you to understand and be able to improve any "bad" habits that you might have accumulated whilst riding. Lisa is just so lovely and accommodating, prompt with replies and goes over and beyond to ensure a smooth experience from start to finish.

They all worked with me to bring me back to the life I love and I honestly couldn't be happier. I've now been riding my Honda CBR500R for almost 3 months and life couldn't be better. I've travelled to places I've never been before, seen some beautiful sights and best of all I've met awesome people in the process, the biking community is truly amazing.

The freedom you have on the bike cannot be matched by anything else in this life so if you needed reassurance to go for something- this is it. If I could give them a 100/10 I would, ACBT will get you there. Thank you guys for all your patience with me I will be back soon to do the ride safe course :)".

Kristine, @miss_klv, South East London.

How Kristine did it.

Kristine started with a CBT and then moved on to DAS. CBT is the gateway for motorcycling in the UK. We have other blog posts to explain motorcycling in the UK and help you choose the correct path for you. If you require assistance then simply contact us.

Honda CBR500R motorcycle
Kristine chose a Honda CBR500R

Kristine's bike:

Make/Model: Honda CBR 500R

Engine: 471cc, twin cylinder four stroke.

Power: 47 Hp (34 Kw) A2 licence compliant.

Weight: 190 Kg (wet).

Seat height: 785 mm.

Fuel capacity: 17 litres.

If you wish to book your CBT course you may do so here:

If you wish to take motorcycling further you can find out all about our range of motorcycle training courses on our website.

Kristine, like many people, was impressed by our excellent reviews and our exemplary customer service record. You can find our reviews on Google and Trustpilot. Our training environment is friendly, welcoming and a safe space for all. Get to know us on our website.

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Next issue: We look at Module 2 of the Direct Access (DAS) training courses.

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