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About ACBT London:


We are a DVSA approved motorcycle and rider training school. We offer a wide range of motorcycle lessons and courses ranging from CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) certificates and CBT renewals to the DAS (Direct Access Scheme) to gain your unrestricted motorbike licence. We also provide a range of one to one courses whether you are a new rider or someone returning to motorcycling.

ACBT is a new company with a fresh outlook but our staff are vastly experienced, fully qualified, totally passionate about motorcycles and equally passionate about teaching you to ride safely. We don't just teach you to pass, we teach you to ride. Our motorbike training courses are built around your needs allowing you to tailor your lessons according to your requirements and schedule.

Based in Greenwich, our training school is easy to access from Eltham, Lewisham, Blackheath, South and East  London. Our fleet of bikes is modern and well maintained with a traditional style so you can immerse yourself in the golden age of motorcycling at the very start of your biking journey.  Simply get in touch, tell us what you want to achieve with motorcycles and let us get you there!


We are passionate about sustainability. We believe that being in the motoring industry we have a duty to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. To that end we actively seek out ways in which we reduce the impact our company has on the world's resources as much as possible.

Office and systems: We aim to reduce the use of paper and similar products as much as possible and rely mostly on electronic means. We are transferring our office space to be completely off grid and self reliant in power and water by using renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power and rain water capture systems. Our unique and extremely cool office has been built, furnished and decorated using reclaimed and/or upcycled and recycled materials as much as possible.  

Motorcycles: Our collection of motorcycles is very carefully curated to ensure we use the most economical vehicles possible. We choose to carefully source bikes that have already been produced, as opposed to brand new machines that would further affect and deplete resources, whilst ensuring reliability and safety are not compromised. This has resulted in a uniquely stylish and extremely cool selection of motorcycles for your use.

Safety equipment: Safety is our prime concern and is the one area where we have not compromised. All our safety equipment complies with current safety standards and is new but we have taken time to select supply companies that produce safety equipment with a clear sustainability policy as much as has been possible. 

Safe space:

At ACBT London we offer a safe space for all regardless of age, background, race, creed, gender and/or orientation. We treat everyone with equal respect regardless. Our company is woman owned and we are extremely keen to encourage more women to take up motorcycling. Motorcycling is for all.

Want to learn more about us? Read our blog or fill out the contact form. For DAS information visit here.

"Always aim to be the best, but never believe you are"
M. Fangio
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