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It's your dream, let's make it real!

At ACBT London we don't just stop at the basic training courses such as CBT or DAS. Confidence and safety comes from skill and, whatever we do in life, skill comes from practice and ongoing training.

Personalised Training

To help you achieve your maximum riding potential we offer a comprehensive programme of specialist training courses designed to help you gain the benefit of confidence from skill. As with the rest of our motorcycle training courses the training is built around you. We do not believe in a "one size fits all" approach to teaching as everyone is different and individual. We all process information and learn in a different way and our teaching is focused on your individual needs. 

Bespoke courses

Do you have specific, individual training requirements? We offer a bespoke training system for trainees who wish to build their own customised training package. For example, do you have personal commitments that impact on your training time? Do you prefer one to one training? Do you wish to train on your own motorcycle? Maybe you wish to be included in a same language* course or wish to train in a women only group?  Your training is unique to you so we will tailor your course to what you need. Customisation possibilities are endless, simply contact us and discuss what you would like to achieve!

WOW days

Did you know? we have a very high proportion of female trainees. Our down to earth, non-judgemental and inclusive teaching approach in a no-pressure training environment appeals to many students who feel uncomfortable in what can be a male dominated industry. We are a woman owned company, actively encourage more women to take up motorcycling and are absolutely delighted that there has been a increased interest from female riders. If you feel more comfortable training with other women we can accommodate that with specific diary days set aside for just women! We offer a safe space to all trainees, be it on the grounds of race, creed, orientation or any other individual characteristic, but we do understand how some women would prefer to train with other women

Want to find the next women only day? Look here: WOW

Design your training

Ready to build your own training package? 

* We are able to offer training in Spanish, Portuguese, Galician and Italian.

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