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Other Training courses

At ACBT London we don't just stop at the basic training courses such as CBT or DAS. Confidence and safety comes from skill and, whatever we do in life, skill comes from practice and ongoing training. We have an additional range of motorcycle training courses and options designed to help you gain confidence and increase your skill level.

CBT renewal (own bike)

Need to renew your CBT certificate and wish to do so using your own motorcycle? We're more than happy to help! ​Please note: we need to see evidence of you holding a current CBT certificate (DL196) and evidence of your bike or scooter being legal and road worthy. Additionally, if your bike has bar muffs fitted, these must be removed prior to attendance. ​Please complete the booking form supplying the information we need and we will fit you in at the earliest opportunity.


For our CBT customers who would like to practice before their course to maximise the chance of success on their CBT. Let's break down your training on an hour by hour basis, just like learning to drive a car! Minimum age is 16 with no upper age limit, you're never too old for motorcycling! Sessions are run during British Summer Time periods only on a Monday to Friday basis, in the mornings. In winter there is simply not enough available daylight hours to run these courses.

GiG (Get in Gear)

This course is aimed at CBT holders who have passed the course on an automatic motorcycle but wish to ride a geared bike. We teach you how to use the clutch and gearbox for effective and safe handling of the motorcycle. You'll begin by learning initial clutch control moving onto changing gears and applying them effectively and safely in exercises designed to emulate being on the road. At the end you'll have the confidence to ride a manual bike on your existing CBT certificate.

Confidence builder (half day)

Confidence comes from skill. If you feel your skills need sharpening this may be the course for you. The course starts by discussing what it is you wish to improve on and we then put it into practice on the road but in a safe, controlled environment so you ride with increased confidence. You'll need your own motorcycle. If riding a 125cc you'll need to bring your CBT certificate with you on the day. If riding a larger machine you will need to have passed the appropriate test.

Confidence builder (full day)

A full day confidence builder course designed to improve and enhance your riding skills. Tell us what you wish to improve. We then head out on the road to practice in live traffic. We'll stop for de-briefs on route and take in as many types of road as possible, from urban to rural to national speed limit, whilst being in constant communication with your instructor. You must supply your own bike which must be capable of making safe progress on fast roads. For this it must be over 250cc. We're able to accommodate 125 bikes but availability depends on there being two 125 riders. We can't mix small and large bikes for this course.

Safe commute

The daily commute is one of the most essential yet risky motorcycle rides. Generally you are riding during the rush hour when traffic is at its busiest. We can help you make your commute safer by meeting you at your address and following you on your route in constant radio communication giving you live on the go guidance and advice for confident and safe travel. You will need to supply your own bike which must be of over 50cc capacity and you must live within a 9 mile radius of our training centre. This is a one to one course available only at the weekend. Bookings are subject to availability.

Instructor training

Would you like to be a motorcycle instructor? You will need to have had a full, clean, motorcycle licence for three years to qualify or this training and to operate as an instructor. (It is acceptable for part of that three years to have been on an A2 licence). If you meet these simple criteria and are interested in turning your passion for motorcycles and teaching into a rewarding career then get in touch. We will give you the training you need to the highest standards. We are especially keen for women to apply as there is a very clear shortage of female instructors in the industry.

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