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Michelin Tyre Pump Review

We review the Mini Rechargeable Tyre Pump.


The tyres are one of the most important components of your motorcycle. Handling, braking, comfort, suspension, fuel economy, grip, steering, the longevity of your tyres, your many aspects of riding are influenced by your tyres. Safe tyres save lives.

Your motorcycle manufacturer will have a set of recommended tyre pressures for your motorbike and you should always keep the tyres inflated to the correct pressure. During CBT training we show you how to check the tyres for safety. we also do this during your DAS training as this point forms part of the Module 2 safety questions, commonly known as "show me tell me questions".

How often do you check the tyres on your motorcycle? Did you know that most drivers don't know how to check their tyres or even what the recommended tyre pressure should be for their vehicle? 20% of all break downs are down to tyres being in poor condition. The penalty for driving with illegal tyres can be tough, fines of up to £2500.00...per tyre! Safe tyres save lives, and also your wallet!

Tip:- Most people today have a smart telephone device. You can find a copy of your motorcycle's manual online and download it onto your phone as a pdf. That way, you always have the manual with you making it easy to refer to whilst out and about.

Having the means to quickly and accurately check and adjust the pressure has to be important then and for that purpose we review the Michelin mini rechargeable tyre pump.

Michelin mini rechargeable tyre pump
Michelin mini rechargeable tyre pump

I needed a pump for our training area as the previous RAC foot pump we had was absolute crap and fell apart after four uses. I was in a well known car accessory chain and saw one of these going for £59.00. I usually have a mild coronary if anything costs more than £25 but I figured Michelin know a thing or two about tyres so I gave it a punt.

It's a small unit, about 30cm long and doesn't weigh much so could be a handy thing to have whilst touring. It comes with a wee carry bag and a USB charger. On the right hand side is the valve stem and it has an adaptor for bicycles and for footballs or the like. The interface is very simple. There's an LCD screen backlit blue which is easy to read. There are four yellow buttons. Two are to increase/decrease the required pressure. The one on the right is to cycle through the various modes as it has presets for bicycles, motorcycles, cars etc. Each mode is displayed by a simple icon in the display. This means that you are less likely to over inflate as each preset has a predetermined range of psi pressure. Top right on the display is the pressure you select whilst the main display is the current pressure. The central blue button is to start the pump. The icon top left displays the current level of battery charge.

It's a very easy to use unit. You open the valve stem by swiveling up and the unit turns on. You connect the valve and lock it in place. The unit will then display the actual pressure. You then select the correct mode and use the +/- buttons to select the desired pressure. Pressing the blue button will start the pump. As soon as you reach the set pressure the unit automatically stops. I've used this quite a few times now and think it's great. Works well, no fuss, battery life is good.

Overall I think it represents very good value. The ultimate decider is whether it'll last as it's going to be working hard with us but it seems sturdy and well made. I would expect nothing less for £59. I'm sure there are other similar units available on a well known auction site for less but remember the old saying: "Quality ain't cheap, cheap ain't quality".

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