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L is for Learning to Ride!

Updated: Jun 9

125cc scooter with L plate for motor motorcycle training
L is for Learning!

Hello and welcome to our new blog which we hope will be a useful way to keep you informed about motorcycling and an easy way for you to interact with us and clarify any questions you may have about learning to ride a motorcycle.

If at any time you wish to get in touch you can drop us a line via, through this blog, or via the chat system at the bottom of the website screen. We love feedback so if you have any suggestions about this blog then feel free to get in touch. Additionally, if you have something you want answered send us a suggestion and we will publish a post to help you out.

Motorcycles is our passion and we want to help you get on two wheels as easily and safely as possible. When will we publish articles? At the weekend, once a week, so you can enjoy a good read in your own time!

We thought the best place to start is at the beginning and this means introducing ourselves so you know a little about us before you come to meet us in person. We officially opened our doors on the 1 August 2022 so we are a new school, but vastly experienced in the motorcycle training industry.

Our instructor.

ACBT London motorcycle instructor with motorcycle trainees during cbt compulsory basic training course
Our instructor, Joe, teaching.

Jose (Joe) Mourino is our motorcycle instructor. Joe has been riding motorcycles for more than thirty years, trained to be a motorcycle instructor, attended the two day DVSA assessment and obtained his qualification.

He has motor oil running through his veins, is totally passionate about motorcycles and devoted to sharing that passion with others, especially those who are taking their first tentative steps towards motorcycling. He has been around CBT since its inception.

The courses were introduced in December 1990 and he took his in February 1991. He has been on a motorbike ever since and is a firm believer in the course and how it helps people to be a safer rider. His passion for bikes boils over into his training and in the time he has been teaching has built a friendly, patient and flexible teaching method. We all learn in different ways and process information differently. Joe understands this and is able to adapt his teaching according to the individuals on the course. He is also multi-lingual and able to help your training in Spanish, Galician, Italian and Portuguese.

With this approach he has built a reputation for being one of the best motorcycle instructors in London. Don't just take our word for it, have a look at our growing reviews on Google and Trustpilot. At the start of this week he was assessed by the DVSA and achieved a glowing, high scoring result, not an easy feat and demonstrates that he is highly skilled at what he does. You are in safe, capable hands with him.

Our director.

Motorcyclist on a Honda Rebel 125cc motorbike
Libby on her Honda Rebel 125cc bike

If you call us to arrange your training, you will mostly be speaking with Libby. She is the director and owner of ACBT London Rider Training and deals with the office side of the business. Prior to this she was an actor of film and theatre, writer and producer and latterly a voice actor narrating publications and novels. She is also the author of a book about being a motorcycle pillion entitled “I kissed a biker and I liked it”. One of the memorable things that anyone who calls says about Libby is not just her friendliness and efficiency, but also her amazing sounding voice!

Libby arrived at motorcycling after meeting Joe although it is clear she already had an interest in motorcycles even though she didn't know it. She had been wearing the clothes, just had never sat on a bike before. That changed as she started as a pillion on Joe's bike then, one day, Joe booked her a CBT with a local company so she could safely learn to ride her own bike.

On her return home gleefully clutching her CBT certificate it became apparent that her course had not been conducted as it should. Joe was stunned to find out that they hadn't practised important things such as hill starts, u-turns or emergency stops. Elements that form an important part of the course so Joe began helping Libby to improve her riding. It was at this point that Libby suggested he'd be great as an instructor.

One influencing the other, both with a love of bikes, makes for a great team! Together they have travelled by motorcycle around most of western Europe. It is impossible to count the number of miles they have travelled but they have ridden all the UK, as far north the the Orkney Islands, as far south as southern Italy, east into Germany and west as far as it is possible to travel without falling into the Atlantic Ocean!

This is the partnership that will be handling your motorcycle training. Super experienced and knowledgeable, friendly, capable, and with an unmatched passion for motorcycling.

The training area.

ACBT London motorcycle training classroom and office
Our office and classroom

We have a very original training environment. Our office and classroom is purpose built, comfortable and well equipped. Heated in winter and air conditioned in summer. We have coffee (good coffee, none of that powdery instant rubbish) tea and water available. We also have the facility for you to store your refreshments or lunch or even heat it if you need.

Many trainees comment on what a unique classroom it is and love the décor which is inspired by a 1950s or 1960s cafe/diner. We even have our own playlist on spotify that you can listen to and share!

This is where we conduct the theoretical elements of the training and kit you up with all the safety equipment you will need, helmet, gloves, boots, hi-vis tabard, jacket etc.

ACBT London motorcycle training area car park and practice ground
Our practical training area

The practical training area is a two minute stroll from the office and is large, open, well surfaced and, more importantly, safe. Here you can learn to ride and practice in a safe, controlled environment. No one will get in your way and we will train at your pace. We don't rush you so that you are able to absorb information and learn the techniques you will need to ride a motorcycle safely.

The roads in the locality are perfect for you to train on. We have at our disposal every type of road traffic environment you need to practice in the road riding elements of the course. We start slow in 20 mph roads. The environment immediately around the training area has lots of junctions where we can practice a wide variety of entry and exit to/from open and closed junctions, t-junctions, crossroads, mini roundabouts etc and not much traffic making them perfect for practice. After spending some time here getting used to the techniques in a live traffic environment we then gradually transition onto more busy and demanding 30 mph roads where we can practice more demanding roundabouts and junctions, pedestrian crossings, traffic lights, gradients, bends etc. We even have fast dual carriageways nearby where we can practice more advanced training courses.

All this is within easy reach of most of London. We are minutes walk away from Kidbrooke rail station, within easy reach of North Greenwich tube, a stone's throw from the A2 and, with the Elizabeth line we are even accessible from even further afield.

The bikes.

AJS Tempest Scrambler 125cc motorcycle belonging to ACBT London motorcycle Training
"Scamper" one of our training motorcycles

We have a fleet of individual and stylish bikes for you to train on. All have been specifically chosen because the are easy and comfortable to ride and easy to maintain as well as looking super cool. They are modern but with a traditional slant. You will meet Giulia, Luca, Alberto, Sue, Betty, Scamper, Jessica, Spud, Titch and the rest in another post. Or, you can book your training and come and meet them in person!

Everything is here in place for you to have a fantastic training experience, whether you are new to motorcycles or a more experienced rider. We are determined that no one leaves here as Libby did. We do not trim the course content as in our opinion doing so is also trimming your safety. We want you to enjoy the course and motorcycles but with safety being the primary objective.

So now that you have met us, time for us to prove it. Been thinking about learning to ride a motorcycle? Think no longer. Today is the day to do something legendary, today is YOUR day! Pick up the phone and call us (0208 331 1103 or 07594 799340) or visit our website ( We look forward to meeting you!

Next week: We talk about what you need to begin riding a motorcycle in London. Read post.

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