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Motorcycle stories: Tatiana

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

The stories behind some of our customers' love for motorcycles!

Our motorcycle training school, ACBT London, opened its doors on 1 August 2022 in the Blackheath area of the Royal Brough of Greenwich, S.E. London. Our plan was to create a customer centric, unique and welcoming training environment for all. Along the way we have met and worked with some incredible people. Some for the first time, others taking their experience further by going on to the big bike or advanced courses. Others just wanted some reassurance and confidence to return to motorcycling after a long hiatus.

Whatever the reason for choosing motorcycles we are proud of our achievements as a school and are extremely proud of what our trainees have achieved on two wheels. We thought we would share those personal stories to hopefully encourage you to scratch that motorcycling itch. The world is a beautiful place to explore and there's no better way to see it than from the saddle of a motorcycle.

Tatiana, from South London, started training with us in October 2022. She had taken her CBT at another school on an automatic bike but her dream was to ride a manual motorcycle so that she could eventually take her full licence. What makes her story so remarkable is that from zero manual motorcycle experience she passed both her motorcycle tests first time, as well as finding the time to complete her studies!

Woman motorcyclist biker at sunset with a Yamaha R3 motorcycle.
Tatiana with her Yamaha R3

"Ever since I was a little girl I have been fascinated by motorcycles and knew that one day I would ride one. It's what I've always wanted to do!

When I had the chance I took my CBT to make a start on the long road to that dream of a full motorcycle licence.

I was a bit disappointed that the training school I had chosen didn't allow me to take my CBT on a manual bike.

Their instructor basically told me that I wouldn't be able to handle it. I still wanted to ride a geared bike so I began to look for another school and it turned out ACBT London had recently opened.

I spoke with Lisa on the phone and explained my situation. She told me not to worry and we arranged for a one hour lesson so that I would have the opportunity to try the geared bike with no pressure to see if I liked it. I met Joe, the instructor, on the day and I was so happy when he said that I'd made amazing progress. Just in that one hour lesson I had basically learned to ride a motorcycle with gears!

The next stage Joe recommended was for a Get in Gear course (GiG) where I had more time to become accustomed with the bike and the controls, again, with no pressure, before embarking on the Direct Access (DAS) training.

It was now the end of December and a few days after my Get in Gear course I had my Improver day. This was a day training to give me time to adjust to the change from a 125cc manual bike to a full power, and weight, "A" category, motorcycle. The difference is unbelievable. Joe told me that the 125 weighs around 100Kg while the big bike weighs around 200 Kg. The difference in power is amazing too. While the 125 produces 13hp, the 650 (Suzuki Gladius) has 75hp! I loved riding the big bike, this is what I wanted, it felt so amazing!

Again Joe said I'd made great progress even though the weather was terrible. A few days later we arranged my Module 1 training followed by the Module 1 test which I passed first time! I remember it was bitterly cold that January morning but I felt so happy!

I was taking my degree at the same time so that meant I couldn't go any further with my training until April. I was concerned as I hadn't ridden the bike for such a long time but I needn't have worried. I had my Mod 2 training day with the test at the end of that same day and I passed!...first time! This was the moment I had dreamt of for so long, it didn't sink in for ages later!

I had a fantastic time with A.C.B.T. London. My training started in October, and, to be honest, I knew nothing about motorbikes. But Joe, my instructor, was excellent. He was so patient and respectful during each session. Lisa took care of all the arrangements and was always there to help. And since it was a family business, they made me feel like part of their family too. I passed my exams quickly and got my A license in just six months, even though it was winter.

Female motorcyclist at sunset with a Yamaha R3 motorcycle.
Dream come true, Tatiana loves her bike!

But most importantly, I learned how to be safe on the road thanks to their exceptional team. Now I have my own Yamaha R3, and I love every minute of it. If you want to achieve this goal, I highly recommend A.C.B.T. London."

How Tatiana did it.

Tatiana started with a one hour taster lesson. She then completed a course to learn to ride a manual (geared) bike we call a GiG (Get in Gear). We then planned her Direct Access Scheme (DAS) training package.

This began with an Improver Day to get used to the full power Suzuki Gladius 650cc "A" category motorcycle followed by a day's training each for Module 1 and Module 2. We have other blog posts to explain motorcycling in the UK and help you choose the correct path for you. If you require assistance then simply contact us.

Yamaha YZF R3 motorcycle
Tatiana chose a Yamaha YZF R3

Tatiana's bike:

Make/Model: Yamaha YZF R3

Engine: 321cc, four cylinder four stroke

Power: 41 Hp (30 Kw) A2 licence compliant.

Weight: 170 Kg (wet).

Seat height: 780 mm.

Fuel capacity: 14 litres.

If you wish to book your CBT course you may do so here:

If you wish to take motorcycling further you can find out all about our range of motorcycle training courses on our website.

Tatiana, like many people, was impressed by our excellent reviews and our exemplary customer service record. You can find our reviews on Google and Trustpilot. Our training environment is friendly, welcoming and a safe space for all. Get to know us on our website.

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